The SAHOO brand was launched by MINGDA in 2011 with the prime objective of providing well-designed, high-quality bike accessories range at competitive and affordable prices.

Since its launch almost 10 years ago, SAHOO has grown from strength to strength and is now sold to bicycle parts retailers and distributors of cycling parts in over 40 countries and territories.

There are two key principles of the SAHOO range which make it unique within the global bike accessories market. Firstly it covers a vast range of cycle accessories and parts in a clear, yet concise range, and secondly, it is available from stock with full retail packaging.

ALL SAHOO products are also OEM available with your own branding, low MOQ’s and short lead times.

bike accessories SAHOO

JANSSEN is a recent addition to the MINGDA brand portfolio. It takes many of the principles from SAHOO, however, is targeted specifically at retailers with a high volume of cycling accessories including large supermarkets and online businesses.

JANSSEN products are bike accessories that are specifically designed to offer exceptional value and engineered to reduce cost without compromising function and quality.

The JANSSEN line gives bicycle accessories retailers the opportunity to create a single brand offering in-store or online with a coherent and logical range.

JANSSEN products are also available OEM to selected partners in the bike industry.


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